MYND is an Italian and international reality in the field of Functional Safety, and of the design of Safety Instrumented Systems in accordance with the IEC61508 and IEC61511 standards.
What is Functional Safety?
Functional Safety is the part of the overall safety that depends on automatic protection operating correctly in response to a failureThe objective of functional safety is freedom from unacceptable risk of physical injury or of damage to the health of people either directly or indirectly (through damage to property or to the environment) by the proper implementation of one or more automatic protection functions (often called safety functions).
The Functional Safety comprise risk identification, risk evaluation, risk reduction method and verification of that with the instrumentation installed
The standard relating to Functional Safety for SIS design of process plants is IEC61511 (now in rev.2 of 2016). Being a standard is never binding, but it is considered as state-of-the-art or as a Good Engineering Practice.
The term state-of-the-art is a legal term in Europe and this makes it impossible to not be used when a Safety Instrumented  System is installed. MYND provides professional training courses related to the services under its competence (see attached flyer), directly to companies.