HAZOP study

The HAZOP study is aimed to the identification of process deviations connected to the aspects of safety, environment, asset & reputation hazards and to the identification of possible improvement/corrective actions.

For the realization of the analysis above mentioned, MYND will put at disposition a team composed by a Chairman and a Scribe with documented experience in this kind of activities that will conduct the study.

Further to the conduction of the Workshop, the following activities of preparation are included:

  • Issuing of HAZOP TOR;
  • Identification of HAZOP nodes on P&ID;
  • Elaboration of a final report including the elements here below:
    • Summary results;
    • Brief description of the plant analysed;
    • HAZOP Methodology;
    • Documentations of reference ;
    • Participation’s lists;
    • HAZOP Action’s Sheets;
    • Lists of recommendations’ raised up;
    • Copies of P&ID “Marked-up” (in A3 Format).

The duration of the HAZOP workshop depends on the size of the plant and its complexity

For more information and Request of Proposal of HAZOP study, contact MYND staff over info@myndservices.com

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