Functional Safety Management

The objective of the requirements of FSM is to identify the management activities that are necessary to ensure the functional safety objectives are met.

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A safety management system shall be in place so as to ensure that where safety instrumented systems are used, they have the ability to place and/or maintain the process in a safe state.

Planning for Functional Safety Management shall take place to define the activities, criteria, techniques, measures, procedures and responsible organization/people to:

  • Ensure that SIS functional and safety integrity requirements are achieved
  • Ensure proper installation and commissioning of the SIS
  • Ensure the safety integrity of the SIF after installation
  • Maintain the safety integrity during operation (proof testing/coverage/failure analysis)
  • Manage the process hazards during maintenance activities on the SIS

SIS lifecycle shall defined in advance during the safety planning including the application programming activities.

Each phase of the SIS safety lifecycle shall be defined in terms of its inputs, outputs and verification activities

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