SIL verification

The SIL verification comprise different requirements to see if the Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) meets the required SIL:

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  • Architectural constraints
  • Probability Failure on demand (PFD)
  • Systematic capability of the instruments installed

The architecture of the SIF will depend upon the SIL target of the function and also the Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) of the function subsystems.

In general, for any configuration, the calculation of PFD is determined by the contribution of the dangerous undetected failure rates of the SIF components, and the proof test interval

Systematic Capability of the device is established by the quality management system audited per IEC 61508. If the quality management system meets the requirements of IEC 61508, a SIL Capability rating is issued and the rating achieved depends on the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The composition of the three levels of SIL (the minimum of them) shall meet the SIL level allocated during the SIL study meeting

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